ChildRun 2014

This year I have decided to do things a bit differently. I’ll back track a bit, just so you know why…

I was diagnosed with Thyroid disease back in 2011 and then thyroid cancer in 2012, had a partial thyroidectomy. I came away feeling great, until the roller coaster of leveling out my medication took it’s toll. Over 2012 and all of 2013, I found my drive for planning any events rather daunting and just no energy to put pen to paper, let alone come up with a clear thought for what to do next. So I decided to take the year off and figure out my needs.

Around Dec. 2013, I finally started to feel myself again and then the guilt set in, big time! I hadn’t planned a single way to get donations for our charity, and no with only a couple months to go, I needed to kick it up a notch and fast!

I slowly started to write out some plans, but nothing was exciting me, I had done all the usual fundraisers. I guess I wasn’t back in the game just yet…

UNTIL the other day I had an epiphany! It all just flooded in like a storm in my head!!! Yay an idea! Finally!!!

So the plan for 2014~ Not to focus on the money numbers, but to focus on the Team numbers and make this one of the biggest years for participants yet! This is an event that should bring the community together. Each year we have had a great turn out and always surpassed our donation goals, but I sometime notice that people don’t sign up due to how much money they feel they need to raise in order to join us. This has never been the case, but this year it’s about getting a BIG team and seeing everyone come together for the BC Children’s hospital ChildRun. 

***If people want to donate, I will not say no, as the money goes to children’s cancer research, and who could say no to that?!***

I am also asking our friends and family that don’t live close to the event, to sign up for the “Virtual Run”. This means you can run from where ever you are, Kelowna, Alberta, and beyond…even if you are on some hot sunny beach in Hawaii!! Virtual runs are free, but it will count in our total numbers of participants for the ChildRun!!! Hope to see you all out!!!

Feeling excited…again 🙂

~ Kelly


Team Jolie @ BCCHF ChildRun 2013

This is our 6th year for doing the ChildRun at BC Children’s Hospital!!!!

We had a great season of fundraising and came ahead with $9359 as our total for this year’s donations.

So this set’s our total for the last 5 years at over $62,000! So proud of all my friends and family that have supported us over the years. I know it’s easy enough for memories to fade, but if this is one way to keep her memory alive, I will continue to do my best for years to come. THANK YOU!



Jason, Ciarra, Livi & myself upon the podium after our 1 km fun run!



Captain & Mrs. Canada came out to show their support for Team Jolie!!  (pictured with my wonderful parents, Bill & Carol) Thank you for supporting us and bringing your smiles out for all to see. Thank you!!!



Amber, Richard, Alexis & Bailey always out to show support even if it’s in a wheelchair! Thanks for rollin’ with us!! And Ciarra appreciates the ride too.



Kaela & Kaiden out for another 5km run. Always nice to see you two.

karen & boys

Karen from KP Fitness Studio with her handsome young boys, Jacob, Lucus & Curtis. Great job!!!

KP boys

Showing off their medals on the podium.



Livi & Ciarra easily sidetracked with huge pine cones.

Thanks for another great year Team Jolie!!!




Burger & Brew/Raffle at The Baron Bar & Grill

On May 29th we held a Burger & Brew night at The Baron in Abbotsford. We also had a raffle to draw for and this proved to be the best place to draw those lucky winners.


The evening turned out great with lots of door prizes for our balloon rainbow!!! Thanks to Malana for the idea, it looked pretty cool!


And the prizes….A BIG THANK YOU to all the people & business’ that donated the gifts!!! They were great.


We raised over $800 for the Burger & Beer and all was delicious!!

Drew prizes every 15 minutes for the balloon rainbow and all seemed to enjoy the interactive task of popping a balloon to reveal their prize.

A big shout out to all my helpers for the evening; Amber, Jaime, Peter, Kelli, Malana, Rondi, Rob, Richard, Terry, Jacinda & my husband Jason. I appreciate all your help in pulling this event off. THANK YOU!!!


Jaime & Amber ( my sister in laws) & myself.

We drew tickets for a special prize just for showing up to the event, it was generously donated by The Wild Orange Spa.

And the winner is….. Tatsinda Field!!! Go enjoy a massage instead of give one! (She’s a massage therapist) how fitting!


The raffle draw drew in a whopping $1300 for our 3 grand prizes.

1st prize ~ A bar fridge & $150 BC Liqour store gift card 3rd prize ~ Devon Liggatt

2nd prize ~ A full auto detail from Fix Auto in Abbotsford BC. ~ Bill DiPasquale

3rd prize ~ $100 Cash! ~ Mark Meyers


I hope everyone is enjoying their gifts and we look forward to having more Burger & Brews through out the years!

Thanks again to The Baron for letting us invade for the evening.


KP Fitness Bootcamp for BC Kids 2013

Well after eating all those yummy treats at the last bake sale we needed to have some discipline. And Karen at KP Fitness was just the right one to put us through an hour of awesomeness!!!


This year we had 3 times more ladies come out for this fundraiser and what a sweaty sight it was.


This was the 8am class, there were 3 classes in total and 65 ladies joined in the fun!!

photo (19)

(Sorry for the fuzziness) but these ladies had so much heat coming off each of them, way to go ladies!

Karen is such a great motivator that she made up some sweet tops for her studio.

kp shirt

And pretty sure she has sold them out several times!

She also puts inspirational messages on her FaceBook page and they always had a great message behind them.

“Picture yourself as a lean, mean super hero, and your workouts will reflect it. The way you perceive yourself will be a direct reflection on how you look and feel. If you see yourself as lazy and unmotivated, then you will be. If you see yourself as determined and focused, then you WILL BE. KEEP GOING, don’t give up, and the results will be plentiful.” Karen.


And this one too…

“Don’t put limits on your goals or compare yourself to anyone else. When you remove the limitations, you’ll AMAZE yourself at what you’re capable of doing and achieving. “I could NEVER run a marathon/half marathon/10k/Tough Mudder”. Remove the doubts and you’ll see what you really CAN do!” Karen.


Love women supporting women!!!

At the end of the hour she holds a planking challenge, the ranges varied from 30 seconds to 11 minutes! Yup, you read that correct, could you imagine?! What an inspiration!!!

I am very proud to say that Karen at KP Fitness is a beautiful, inspiring, hardcore, powerful woman! And she is also a good friend with a big heart.

Thank you for all that you do, not just for our fundraising and Team Jolie, but for being you.

xox Kelly

2013 Bake Sale totals

Back in March we held another bake sale to raise funds for our cause, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.
Who couldn’t resist these yummy treats!!


And maybe these???

But I have to say that year after year these little morsels of sweet heaven are the most popular! I made 36 dozen of these beauties this time around!!!

pb cups

Thank you all who love your sweets! Hope to see you at the next sale!

Team Jolie 2013 Bake Sale is ready to go!

Every year we always seem to do well with baked goods, so why should this year be any different?

Our bakers are geared up for a busy baking season. Our focus is on goods that can be brought out for Easter events. There are usually family get togethers during this time, so why not spend a little less time in the kitchen and more with family. By ordering baked goods from us, you get to try something new or a classic fav, plus you get to support BC Children’s Hospital.

There are other ways to support if you want to keep those goodies away from your mouth, you can click our link

This will guide you to our Team Jolie page and the Childrun we participate in every year. Any and all donation are appriciated.

Fundraiser poster

2013 Fundraisers

We are gearing up for some fundraisers to help get us to our goal.

BC Children’s is a wonderful facility and if your family or friends ever need such a place, you’ll be happy you donated.

March 23rd – Bake sale (pre-order only)

April 13th – Bootcamp-Athon at KP Fitness (Abbotsford) from 7am-10am, $20 per class

May 30th – Burger’n’beer/Raffle at The Baron Bar & Grill, the will be 3 top prizes are a beer fridge filled with beer, a deluxe auto detail, 2 tickets for the Whitecaps game with $100 spending money. Plus 50/50 draw and a balloon rainbow filled with door prizes!

The Baron is located at the Abbotsford Airport @ 1276 Tower Street.

Thanks a bunch,